Programming their future

cid__img_0622.jpg“Genes are physical memories of an organism’s learned experiences.” – from Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.

Teaching my children to master their lives is critical. I must teach this skill early in their development. Directing good energy and thought their way can only improve their chances in this life.  It is on me to ensure they have every chance, every opportunity to succeed. Compiling lessons learned and highlighting what worked and what did not in my life is a worthy pursuit for their benefit.

I want them to see life for all the good it offers. I also want them to see they have the power to choose. One of the key choices they’ll make on the path to self-mastery and success is whether or not they are willing participants in the endless cycle of commercialism.

I hope they realize the need to step back and question the prevalence of commercial advertising. Rather than drift unaware in a consumerist sea and pass the blind tendency to buy on to my kids, I’ve got to hold a mirror up to this bullshit and let them see it for what it really is. The New Media, the access to twenty four hour news and information, the internet, iPads, iPhones, laptops, tablets and so many more “must have” devices still to come. After seeing the way these things distract and subvert staying in the moment, the ways in which they pull us away from each other, I’ve decided they need to see it all in another light. Until my kids can make informed decisions for themselves of what it’s all about, it’ll be my duty to guide them. Still, the more I hear about how quickly product a,b, or c will make you, the consumer, a more effective and not so “time crunched” citizen, the more I question the system on their behalf. Time is fleeting. Why do we need to feel so compressed, packing in more and more until we’ve finally lost our sense of self?

I’ve got to teach them to enjoy our culture from a safe distance. I want them to learn to pay attention to the moment, delve into the emotion, no matter how uncomfortable or painful, and gain the insight of the life lesson. And when life presents challenges, resist the urge to blunt painful and uncomfortable emotions, stuff or drown the emotion with drink, food or a synthetic pill with unknown side effects.

My children’s genetic destiny is not set. The expression of their genes is not predetermined and does not have them locked on to some inescapable fate. They have control over their genetic expressions, the way the internal code is played out, as well as the neural pathways they’re developing in the environment. And I can influence them as well, until they’re able to for themselves.