The Lost Blog

It’s been an interesting morning searching for this blog.  New lesson: remember your preferred blog site ( and that might help you locate your blog in the future. Bookmarks work wonders too. I’m glad to be back. Much story telling, opinions and family fun to share.



Luke and Heather Marquis

Here’s to my good friends Heather and Luke, recently married near Anna Maria Island, Florida. From pictures, I can see their wedding was one of natural beauty and simplified elegance. My brother Jeremiah attended and sent along a few classic pictures. The sea and warm, inviting Florida sunset made for an ideal back drop to a special day. Luke and Heather made a special “Wedding Mix” CD for their friends and guests. Although I was not able to attend, I am fortunate enough to get to enjoy it from Juneau, Alaska. The CD is filled with many a tasty jam from years past.

Congratulations Luke and Heather (and you too Gil). Here’s to many happy years of marriage to you both.

Acceptance letter from dream career


Congratulations on your recent selection as Chief of Personal Development at “Ultimate Developments”, a rapidly expanding new company designed with human potential in mind.  No matter your historical employment as a Coast Guard operational and contingency planner, we firmly believe your skills and proven experience will carry you forward as a leader in your chosen field.  Having interviewed you, we find you insightful, engaging, and clearly focused on helping your fellow humans reach their full potential.  Knowing how much you care about those around you and noting your desire to influence and guide them is a major attraction to us.  YOU MUST JOIN OUR TEAM.

Your new role on our exciting, professional, and mutually rewarding team will be to chose your most accessible clients to coach and assist.  Ultimately, it is up to you to do whatever you can to assist them in setting new goals, smashing barriers, and achieving breakthroughs.  As you know, being a coach is no easy task, but from our personality assessments, we see you fit the key profile to connect with clients most in need of your influence and direction.  Your aptitude and talent for connecting with others, listening to their concerns, identifying their internal drives and needs will catapult you to the top of your field.  After all, we understood you didn’t desire to be a data entry expert.

So welcome aboard.  Take your time meeting your fellow Personal Development Coaches (PDCs) and get comfortable in your surroundings.  You’ll notice we have a well designed facility with many of the health, fitness and adventure activities you value.  Although we realize your desire to learn your new career and role as quickly as possible, we also value your gradual adjustment to this dramatically different and empowering career environment. Welcome to your new life passion.

This is the acceptance letter I will receive from my new employer in less than three months.  It’s exciting to know I will join a team of true professionals, devoted to fostering new connections with people and coaching them to pursue their ideal life paths.

Anchorage Job Fair

Last Friday, I attended a Veterans Job Fair in Anchorage, Alaska.  I flew up from Juneau following the Coast Guard’s Transition Assistance Program and a full week of retirement benefits briefings.  The job fair was well attended by private sector, government, state and local businesses.  I was most impressed with the Alaska Marine Highway System, the Alaska Journal of Commerce, GCI telecommunications, and Northern Industrial Training (NIT), a new firm specializing in Safety, Health and Environmental Training.  The latter two, GCI and NIT, did a fantastic job answering this soon-to-be veteran’s questions about employment options. 

The Veterans Job Fair proved to be a worthwhile use of my time.  I made new connections and built a small network of potential employers in the Anchorage area.  And it didn’t hurt visiting with family while I was there.

How to make a Power Wake Shake

Hello healthy friends,

Ever feel you need a fresh alternative to coffee? Tired of the jitters from a couple of cups of joe in the morning? I know the feeling. I’ve been there.

Here’s an idea you might like.  If you’ve got a strong blender, like a Vita Mix, you’re well on your way.  Vita Mix blenders are heavy duty restaurant grade kitchen appliances.  But any blender will do for this super smoothie.  Some of the ingredients you’ll need might be new to you and not easily located in your local grocery store.  If you’ve never heard of the following super foods and raw powders, I recommend you check out, establish a profile and get ready to enjoy amazing new tastes.  Another great resource is David Wolfe’s “Superfoods.”  To make your Power Wake Shake, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Add one tablespoon of bee pollen.  Northwest region stocks are the best.  A small bag can be found in your local health food store or a Whole Foods store.
  2. Add two heaping tablespoons of raw cacao, raw chocolate in a fine powder form.  Available from the website above.
  3. Add one heaping teaspoon of raw cacao nibs.  Again, also available from
  4. Add one to two tablespoons of raw Red Maca powder.  Great immune system and libido booster.
  5. To get a solid shot of vitamin C, lump in a scoop of Camu Camu powder.
  6. Add some fruit, like a banana or two for flavor and to give the shake some density.
  7. Finally, add enough water to your blender to make the requisite number of shakes.
  8. Blend on high for 45 seconds to a minute.  Presto! You’ve got a great shake to replace that bitter cup of morning coffee.

This drink does take some getting used to.  Once you’re in and on board, you’ll find you get a great natural energy boost from this beverage that lasts a few hours.  The benefits are well worth the experimentation.  From the antioxidant effects of the raw cacao to the libido enhancing influence of the maca, you can’t go wrong.  Remember to be careful with the bee pollen and the raw cacao. Both provide quite the boost.  Enjoy! 

Block Head

I’m a parent. I’m stepped on, pounced on, climbed on and over and hit with hard flying objects. Last night was no exception. My two year old son picked up a blue block, you remember the type, simple and functional for tots, wound up and hurled it into my face.

The blue block whacked my forehead and bounced off with a smart “thwack” sound. I howled in pain as my son looked on in drooling interest. There he sat, all innocence and cuteness. Despite how much my primal side wanted to retaliate, my brain’s executive processes stayed intact. How many times had I done that to my Dad when I was two?

Alas, patience and tolerance in the face of kid-induced pain takes courage and strength. I have both in ample supply.


The block tossing culprit.


I’ve been training for an eleven mile obstacle course race. It’s promised to be an event for the brave of heart, tough minded and robustly muscled. British Special Forces guys came up with a new way for the common day athlete to be tested. It caught my attention the first time I heard about it. Seven months ago I gazed over my coworkers shoulder in awe at the Tough Mudder videos on his laptop. This is the real deal I thought. A Special Forces inspired endurance event with physically and psychologically demanding hurdles and obstacles to test the strongest among us. Who wouldn’t want to plunge into a vat of 30 degree ice water, jump from a two story tall platform, and climb monkey bars spanning the length of an A-frame barn roof? My first thought was “where do I sign up?” and then I did so with a lump in my throat.

ImageThe race is Saturday, 29 Septermber. My team, Better Wetter, is signed up for Tough Mudder in Seattle. The temperatures will be in the mid-60s and perfect for people traveling from Juneau, Alaska. Training workouts have spanned from intense hiking trail runs up Perseverance trail in Juneau and grueling cardio and plyometric workouts to easy walks in the neighborhood with the dog. The training part was fun. The racing part will be even better. We have a team coming together from Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Our team name is “Better Wetter”, a silly play on the constant rain fall of Southeast Alaska and the condition we’ll be in by the end of the race.

We’ve ordered t-shirts that say “Flash” on the front and have a big bolt of red lightning on the back. I ordered a fake brown mullet and I’m contemplating wearing that sucker for laughs. One of the guys will be wearing his head mounted “Go Pro” camera. We’re sure to get some good pics and video for Good Animal.

I thrive on adventure. I wouldn’t bother otherwise. Who, in their right mind, would want to do such a thing? I would for one. And I paid to do it. This is going to be my kind of adventure weekend.