Breathing Fears

The longer I’m here, the longer I spend breathing in and out and in again. I have minimal control of the outcome. Neither do those I go to lean on for support. It’s said we can set goals, be focused, certain, reassured and confident and controlled. We have will power and self-control, the ability to direct our lives. These things are true. But the hardest part is having faith and acting on that faith each day. We must direct our minds towards that action. Actions that produce results, a direct response towards having something more than what we already have. On the inside I mean, not in terms of owning another material item.

We are human to have fears; it’s in our nature. And it’s natural to be held back by these fears, at least for a little while. I have a need to identify these fears. Call them out by name. Get up close and look them in the eye. It’s dawning on me that I have but one path forward, to meet these road blocks where they are. It’s for me alone to overcome them, no matter how late in the game it seems. And it’s not too late. Never has been. Never will be. Perceived as most blocks are to me, they’re just an image in the mind. Fears are nothing by a set of molecules. Emotional and chemical stews boiling on the back burner. They’re there to hold you back from a warrior path.

Fears and life blocks are made up by the mind.

Blocks attached to our past, born clinging with a death hold on to nothing. Memories of failure long gone. Short comings no one cares about. Rejections that are painful at first. Sources of love lacking and connections to others lost. That’s the only place these fears come from. That’s all they are.