Luke and Heather Marquis

Here’s to my good friends Heather and Luke, recently married near Anna Maria Island, Florida. From pictures, I can see their wedding was one of natural beauty and simplified elegance. My brother Jeremiah attended and sent along a few classic pictures. The sea and warm, inviting Florida sunset made for an ideal back drop to a special day. Luke and Heather made a special “Wedding Mix” CD for their friends and guests. Although I was not able to attend, I am fortunate enough to get to enjoy it from Juneau, Alaska. The CD is filled with many a tasty jam from years past.

Congratulations Luke and Heather (and you too Gil). Here’s to many happy years of marriage to you both.


Acceptance letter from dream career


Congratulations on your recent selection as Chief of Personal Development at “Ultimate Developments”, a rapidly expanding new company designed with human potential in mind.  No matter your historical employment as a Coast Guard operational and contingency planner, we firmly believe your skills and proven experience will carry you forward as a leader in your chosen field.  Having interviewed you, we find you insightful, engaging, and clearly focused on helping your fellow humans reach their full potential.  Knowing how much you care about those around you and noting your desire to influence and guide them is a major attraction to us.  YOU MUST JOIN OUR TEAM.

Your new role on our exciting, professional, and mutually rewarding team will be to chose your most accessible clients to coach and assist.  Ultimately, it is up to you to do whatever you can to assist them in setting new goals, smashing barriers, and achieving breakthroughs.  As you know, being a coach is no easy task, but from our personality assessments, we see you fit the key profile to connect with clients most in need of your influence and direction.  Your aptitude and talent for connecting with others, listening to their concerns, identifying their internal drives and needs will catapult you to the top of your field.  After all, we understood you didn’t desire to be a data entry expert.

So welcome aboard.  Take your time meeting your fellow Personal Development Coaches (PDCs) and get comfortable in your surroundings.  You’ll notice we have a well designed facility with many of the health, fitness and adventure activities you value.  Although we realize your desire to learn your new career and role as quickly as possible, we also value your gradual adjustment to this dramatically different and empowering career environment. Welcome to your new life passion.

This is the acceptance letter I will receive from my new employer in less than three months.  It’s exciting to know I will join a team of true professionals, devoted to fostering new connections with people and coaching them to pursue their ideal life paths.